Hugh Carr Brown (1814-1902) was a son of David and Elizabeth Anderson Brown. His father was born in North Carolina and his mother in Virginia. Hugh and his first wife, Matilda Inman (1814-1860?), were married in Tennessee and their first five children (William Washington Brown, Mary Elizabeth Brown, Nancy Jane Brown, Benjamin J. Brown, and John D. Brown) were born there. They moved to Marshall County from the Nashville area around 1846 and settled three miles east of Olive. Hugh owned a large farm and gave land for the old Johnston School. He also gave land for the Bethlehem church. When it later merged with the Fair Dealing church of Christ, the land reverted to his ownership. Two additional children (James Marshall Brown and Alexander Hamilton Brown) were born to Hugh and Matilda after their move to Marshall County in Kentucky. His second marriage was to Elizabeth Duncan Taylor (1835-1896), and they had four children (Hugh Calvin Brown, Louisa Brown, Thomas Nathaniel Brown, and Josephine Brown), giving him a total of 11 children from his two marriages. Hugh and Elizabeth Brown are buried in the Brown Cemetery off Highway 1346 on land previously owned by Hugh.